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At Counterpoint Debt Collectors, we understand the challenges and complexities of debt recovery. With over two decades of experience, we provide tailored, efficient, and respectful debt collection services designed to meet your unique needs. Our comprehensive approach includes face-to-face tracing, advanced technological solutions, and post-COVID adaptations, ensuring the highest recovery rates and client satisfaction.

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At Counterpoint, we offer a comprehensive suite of debt collection services designed to help you recover the money you’re owed efficiently and professionally.

Face-to-Face Tracing

Face-to-face tracing involves physically locating and meeting with debtors to discuss and negotiate debt repayment plans. This method is often used when other forms of contact, such as phone calls or letters, have been unsuccessful.

Signing and Swipe of TT3 Debit Orders

This service involves setting up and processing TT3 debit orders, which are authorizations allowing the creditor to withdraw funds directly from the debtor's bank account.

Comprehensive Tracing Services

Comprehensive tracing services are designed to locate individuals for various purposes, including debt recovery, legal proceedings, skip tracing, and deceased debtor verifications.

Site Visit Inspections

Site visit inspections involve physical visits to debtor’s premises to gather critical information and assess the situation for effective debt collection strategies.

Higher-Profile Face-to-Face Collections

This service targets high-stakes debt recovery situations through direct, personal interaction with debtors. It is designed for sensitive cases where a personal touch is necessary to secure repayments.

Banking Sector Services

Specialized services tailored for the banking sector, particularly focused on recovering debts related to home loans and vehicle asset finance (VAF)

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Counterpoint Debt Collectors interacts with an average of 2500 debtors per month on behalf of our clients. We give our clients peace of mind when it comes to such delicate monetary issues by offering them efficient debt collection services.

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